Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If you haven't known, I am working very hard on auditioning for project runway. I have been told that I am very talented and creative. Some days I think that about myself, but days like today I am very nervous about my work. I am very aware to the fact that I don't have the knowledge of proper garment finishing. That is due solely to the fact that I haven't finished design school. I wish I could have a little bit more training, but I am trying to work with what I have learned.

So far, I have two skirt parts completed, but there are issues with each of them. I am not going into specifics as to what is the problem with them. I have to create very well executed garments if I am going to show to a pannel at a project runway casting, since they look at the quality, finish, and execution of the work that you present. That worries me so much.

I want to show everybody who I am as a creative thinker. I don't get the opportunities that most designers get. I am at a serious handicap in the fashion world and right now I feel very stuck on what I should do or what I can do to make things better. It's a serious pressure cooker in my brain to think about how I can create nice work that is presentable to a group of seasoned professionals in the industry that is going to decide my fate in being a contestant on Project Runway.

Here is what I have so far:


  1. Brady,

    Don't stress! Go shopping and look at garments in the stores: you'd be surprised how much difference a little top and under stitching can make. Also, investing in quality fabrics makes a big difference too. Just make plenty of muslins/toiles and perfect your paper patterns before cutting into that expensive silk or leather. If you ever want a critical eye to look over your designs and give you feed back, feel free to get in touch--Ames isn't that far away, and I have other friends in the Twin Cities area that I come up and see when I can. Having a degree from a design school isn't everything!

  2. Brady,
    When my ex and I were looking to get into buisness the SBA guy told us to talk to others in the business we were interested in and ask them how they did it. We wrote down 10 - 15 questions to ask and interviewed about eight businesses. Use your local SBA for help.

    You say you are stuck. I would suggest you seek out an established designer/buyer for the advice you need. Be sure to do it face to face and if you have samples to show where your stuck is even better. Introduce yourself, ask them for five minutes of their time and leave a card if it's appropriate. This should also help in your networking even if you have to travel.

    Good luck,
    Uncle Ben