Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If you haven't known, I am working very hard on auditioning for project runway. I have been told that I am very talented and creative. Some days I think that about myself, but days like today I am very nervous about my work. I am very aware to the fact that I don't have the knowledge of proper garment finishing. That is due solely to the fact that I haven't finished design school. I wish I could have a little bit more training, but I am trying to work with what I have learned.

So far, I have two skirt parts completed, but there are issues with each of them. I am not going into specifics as to what is the problem with them. I have to create very well executed garments if I am going to show to a pannel at a project runway casting, since they look at the quality, finish, and execution of the work that you present. That worries me so much.

I want to show everybody who I am as a creative thinker. I don't get the opportunities that most designers get. I am at a serious handicap in the fashion world and right now I feel very stuck on what I should do or what I can do to make things better. It's a serious pressure cooker in my brain to think about how I can create nice work that is presentable to a group of seasoned professionals in the industry that is going to decide my fate in being a contestant on Project Runway.

Here is what I have so far: