Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ISU Fashion Program

If you all didn't know, I used to be a fashion design student at Iowa State University. I have some opinions both good and bad about the program:
1. They say that it is one of the top 10 fashion programs in the U.S.-I can believe that to some extent. There are some really challenging courses that should prepare you for the real world. However, I've noticed that numerous alums of mine I have come to know have been unemployed since they graduated, even with tons of talent and marketability in the industry. I understand that the economy is going through tough times, but if this was a top ten program, wouldn't there be some job security?
2. There are some real professional teachers-with professionalism comes other faculty that isn't as professional as the others. There are teachers I have come to know that act like sixteen year old girls and get very immature toward the students with their impatience. They also put their personal feelings in the way of the grading process. If they like the person, the student gets a good grade and if you aren't liked, you will get a low score. I don't think that its a matter of favoring as much as it is straight up ignorance.
3.This program pushes students to go beyond their creative thinking-I've seen many people in my fashion classes that have tried to go above and beyond with their creative process not only in my year but from the upper classes. There are people there that I have seen that "play it safe," with their designs. I understand people who want to work for a company, but there are so many designers that want their own label that make basic shirts that everybody has seen numerous times. People are also ignorant as to thinking that their designs are for a certain celebrity such as Lady Gaga. I think that 2010 is about what is new in fashion as well as what is going to sell to everyday women. Designing for a celebrity isn't really that realistic for a fashion student or even someone who is just starting their fashion career. Finding a target market and then incorporating your personal touch into the design is what I think should be done.
Since fashion is a very competitive field, making "safe" garments may not land you the job. I think that design companies are really into what is in your head. Making bold and risky choices may help a designer out, but at the same time making it realistic for the everyday woman. I've seen so much serious ugly in my fashion classes where they try too hard and it doesn't pay off for them. I think that when some companies see some of these designers portfolios...they might just die from it, or die because of it.
These comments are not 100% based on my personal experience at Iowa State University, they are from a few of my friends that either graduated from there or are still students there. This isn't me being completely a bitter and negative person. I also am a very opinionated person(if you couldn't tell), so sorry if you are offended by any of the material that I have placed on this blog post. However I will not apologize for saying it.