Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello Everybody!
I'm a fashion designer with my own little "horse and pony," of a clothing line. I design one of a kind pieces for sale, mostly in the nightlife/cocktail kind of clothing. I guess I decided to start out this blog because I have a point-of-view as well as an opinion about the fashion industry that needs to be heard. Since I am known as a "fashion school drop out," I also want all of my friends and fans to see/know what I'm doing now since my time to shine was put out early thanks to my "lovely," college. But don't worry, I don't need a lame college to be my platform to be the amazingly talented designer that I know I am.
Oh well, I hope you all stay tuned to my blog posts in the future as well as any updates on the work I've been doing for my line.
*Peace, Love...and Applesauce*

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